List of ideas

Just some ideas of services or apps that anyone can create. Feel free to make them work.


An app which restricts using features of the phone if there’s not enough “mana”. It increases each N minutes and different features costs different amount of “mana”.

Remote controller

An app where user can bind his phone’s volume buttons to some actions on webpages or in others apps, e.g. change slides in presentation.

Happy day!

A pretty simple app with only one button: “Today is a happy day!”. And it shows to users statistics about their happy days.

Rule 34

An app where users can enter some keywords e.g. “cactuses”, and it shows them an answer on question: “Is there a porn about it?”

Best friend

A chat bot (Telegram, Facebook, etc) which is always agree with you, and can support you 24/7.

Easy money

There are a lot of sources of free video content, such as trailers, adverts, etc. It’s possible to create a bot which joins them by any number, injects video advert inside, and uploads to YouTube channel.

Telegram feed to anything

A service which can collect your telegram feeds and send them as a digest to e-mail, RSS, etc.


An app where you can find info about your family members locations, send them SOS signal, etc.

How does it work?

A site that explains how it works from framework and browser abstraction to physics and other things.

Story labyrinth

A book (a real paper book) where pages are connected with each other by reader’s decision.


A mobile game about planes where graphic doesn’t matter anything, and it’s drawn by hand without any “design”.

Answer them all

A game with a big amount of questions, which are never repeated.

Don’t touch anything!

A page with a lot of buttons, where only one of them do something really strange and unexpected.