Igor Adamenko, Senior Frontend Developer

Experienced and self-motivated developer with 10 years of industry experience. Passionate about applying time-tested solutions to the brand new problems.


28 years old.

Russian citizen, currently located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Looking for remote-only job.

Employment history

FunBox LLC / Kvantera LLC, 2016–2023

  • Started as a middle frontend developer, grew to a team leader with a team of 3 developers with different skill levels.
  • Launched and maintained more than 50 different web applications, mostly B2B. Landings, newsletters, online reader, browser extension, mobile game, SPAs with up to 300 different views, etc.
  • Hosted a dozen of team meetups on a different topics, aiming to level up the team skill set.
  • Co-maintained the whole company frontend infrastructure: linters, dev envs, cross-service integrations, shared libs, design systems, open source projects, CI/CD, documentation, etc.

ITS LLC, 2013–2016

  • Worked as the main developer of the small team, combining frontend and backend roles.
  • Created and launched over 20 projects using WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, DataLife Engine, and 1C:Bitrix.

Freelance, 2008—Present

  • Participated in creation and development of more than 40 completely different projects: from landings to CMS, from admin panels to newsletter and online library.
  • Worked as a part of the big team and as a “the guy who makes the job done”, combining different roles: backend, frontend, devops, and even design.


Belgorod Shukhov State Technology University, 2012–2016

Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering.


Code: ES5, ES6, TypeScript.

Styles: CSS, LESS, Sass, SCSS, CSS-in-JS. With and without BEM.

Markup: HTML, Pug, EJS, JSX. With and without BEM.

Frameworks: React, Preact, Angular 1.x, Phaser. Not so fluent in Svelte. Touched but did not have a production experience with Vue.

Build systems: Gulp, Webpack. Not so fluent in Rollup. Touched but did not have a production experience with esbuild.

Deploy and servers: Nginx, Docker, Docker Compose, K8s, Helm, Ansible, RPM.

Dev env: Git, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab (+ CI/CD), Jenkins.

Task management: Jira, Trello.

Languages: Russian (native), Ukrainian (listening and reading only), English (upper intermediate).

The lists above describe the last three years and they do not include the past experience related to CMS-oriented dev as well as recent switch to backend development on Node.js and stuff.

Notable work

MegaFon Radar, 2016

  • radar.megafon.ru
  • Found a way to redesign the whole project without pausing features shipping. Saved 3 months of work for the team.
  • Made it work with IE 10, IE 11, IE on Windows Phone, and other weird browsers.
  • Found and successfully eliminated big memory leak caused by wrong project architecture. As a result the project started to consume twice less memory.
  • Angular 1.x, Sass, Pug, BEM, Mocha

Knigma / Tele2 Books, 2017

  • knigma.ru
  • Worked with a huge legacy book reader made by LitRes. Made it work seamlessly with the main React app.
  • Integrated BEM with React in a way that is using in the company’s projects till present days.
  • TypeScript, React, Redux, SCSS, BEM, Mocha

Aegea, 2017

  • blogengine.me, ilyabirman.ru/meanwhile/found/адаменко/
  • Made CSS variables work with IE 11.
  • Enriched the posts editor with features: keyboard shortcuts, audio & video embedding, image pasting.
  • Found a way to create a continuous autosaving of form data in post editors with conflict resolution.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP

Remark42, 2018

  • github.com/umputun/remark42
  • Laid down the architecture of the frontend part: iframe-based widget with a text editor and comment tree inside.
  • Developed the frontend of the initial version which included:
    • Markdown editor.
    • Email-based login along with social login via Google, Facebook, GitHub and Yandex.
    • Multi-level nested comments with sorting, voting, pinning, and thread hiding.
    • High customization and containerization of the widget.
  • Got the first 2000 stars for the repo by the community.
  • Preact, SCSS, Go, Docker

Nedivan, 2019

  • ldwg.ru/nedivan
  • Created the whole new product along with the existed CMS, to make it easier for editors to work with it.
  • Implemented everything on a tech side: landings, recurrent payments, sales, subscriptions, newsletter markup, data flows and transformations.
  • Integrated different services with each other: BoltCMS, CloudPayments, Mailchimp, Telegram.
  • Made 5000 subscribers happier.
  • React, jQuery, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Twig, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB

Telegram JavaScript Contest, 2019

  • jschart.usercontent.dev/entry99
  • In 2019 Telegram launched the contest where developers had to create a chart library.
  • I took the 4th place and got some money from the Telegram team.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, Canvas

Figma Search Extension, 2020

  • chrome.google.com/.../lfofpannpmmeeicgiiacjghmcfgnebbi
  • Created an extension that added a search feature to Figma in a “View only” mode, which did not have it back in the days.
  • Managed to made it work with huge templates without any freezes.
  • Vanilla JavaScript, CSS, Chrome Extension API, Mocha, Puppeteer

MegaFon Staff Control, 2021

  • kk.megafon.ru
  • A big SPA with 300+ views built around Yandex Map.
  • Kicked up the project on Angular 1.x back in 2016 and left it to other team to maintain.
  • Got it back in 2021 with a task to rewrite everything to React.
  • Found a way to rewrite the whole app in parallel with shipping new features. During that, not a single bug related to the rewrite process occurred in the production.
  • Saved a year of project development and a ton of money.
  • Angular 1.x, React, Redux, SCSS, BEM, Playwright

MegaFon MegaWords, 2022

  • Taught the team to use TypeScript to build a Phaser-based game for a MegaFon mobile app.
  • Made it possible for the company to create and sell products in the brand new niche—web-based mobile games.
  • The game was played by more than 300k users.
  • TypeScript, Phaser, Canvas, Android/iOS webview


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