Well, hello

I’m Igor. I do my best as a lead frontend developer at FunBox

On this site you can find everything that matters to me.


Here are some links in case you’re looking for them:


I had an enormous amount of side projects where I wrote something. Most of them are dead. Let me list the ones I still like.

Return True, или Туда и обратно

A place where I described solutions for ReturnTrue JavaScript puzzle. In Russian.

Node.js notes aka Patreon archive

In 2019 I tried to write strictly about programming, and obviously burned out instantly. As a result I have eight articles about Node.js, its module system, events, streams and history.


I’ve participated in the development of some great products, and surely should note them here.


A Russian newsletter for the guys who can’t get the things done.

I’ve developed frontend & backend of this project: DB, API, payment, tracking, notifications, hooks and other automation stuff.

Bolt CMS, PHP, Twig, JS, React, HTML, S/CSS, BEM, React, gulp, webpack, Node.js, Passport.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, nginx, GitLab, CI/CD, CloudPayments, PayPal, Mailchimp


The blogging engine.

I’ve developed local autosaving, editor’s shortcuts, timestamps for videos, clipboard images uploading, and views counter; rewrote build scripts from scratch, improved markup a bit, and made it possible to use CSS variables in IE for flexible theme changes.

JS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, gulp, webpack