Well, hello

I’m Igor. I do my best as a lead frontend developer at FunBox

On this site you can find everything that matters to me.


I don’t have plenty of accounts in social networks, but here are some links just in case you’re looking for them:

Uh, side projects

It’s impossible to do one thing at a time, so I have an enormous amount of side projects where I write something. Most of them are dead. Let me just list the notable ones.

Как дела

Personal newsletter in Russian. Every month I try to collect thoughts, compile them into something meaningful, and for still undiscovered reason people like to read the result.

Design in Little Things

A Telegram channel. There I collect cute and little design things, that usually doesn’t make a big deal, but warm my heart.

Oh, and it has a Russian version.

Learn English with subtitles

An irregular Telegram channel, where I collect and explain to myself English quotes from TV shows, movies, and songs.

Node.js notes aka Patreon archive

In 2019 I tried to write strictly about programming, and obviously burned out instantly. As a result I have eight articles about Node.js, its module system, events, streams and history.

Посторонним В.

Between 2017 and 2019 I wrote a lot of posts in Russian into my personal Telegram channel. It was started as a link blog, but as time went by, the posts became bigger, and so on.

Блог Игоря Адаменко

My personal blog with posts from 2014 till 2018. In Russian.

Tech projects

I hope you remember I said earlier that I’m a developer. So, obviously I have tech stuff that I created to become famous and rich.


A relatively small CSS library that makes semantic HTML markup not so lousy looking.


A tool to chop off useless fonts glyphs and convert TTF/OTF into WOFF & WOFF2.


A helper making it easier to name React components according to BEM convention.


A small tool that prevents access to dev server from unknown IPs.


I’ve participated in the development of some great products, and surely should note them here.


A Russian newsletter for the guys who can’t get the things done.

I’ve developed frontend & backend of this project: DB, API, payment, tracking, notifications, hooks and other automation stuff.

Buzzwords: Bolt CMS, PHP, Twig, JS, React, HTML, S/CSS, BEM, React, gulp, webpack, Node.js, Passport.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, nginx, GitLab, CI/CD, CloudPayments, PayPal, Mailchimp.


A self-hosted, lightweight, and simple (yet functional) commenting system, which doesn’t spy on users. It can be embedded into blogs, articles or any other place where readers add comments.

I’ve designed and developed the first version of UI for the project.

Buzzwords: JS, HTML, S/CSS, BEM, Preact, webpack, Docker.


The blogging engine.

I’ve developed local autosaving, editor’s shortcuts, timestamps for videos, clipboard images uploading, and views counter; rewrote build scripts from scratch, improved markup a bit, and made it possible to use CSS variables in IE for flexible theme changes.

Buzzwords: JS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, gulp, webpack.

Safe Secret

A simple service made for a single purpose: sharing confidential information in an easy, quick and secure way.

I’ve developed the frontend part.

Buzzwords: JS, HTML, CSS, gulp.


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